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A software engineer pretending to be an electrical engineer in my free time. My coolest project is https://hackaday.io/project/177256-put-a-raspberry-pi-cm4-into-an-original-ipad

Reddit users figured out that some bot crawlers scrape popular threads and auto-generate AI articles based on user comments, so they decided to create some fake hype to confuse them.


It worked.


This is why real journalism matters.

Big news! Maker Faire Bay Area will return this October
Maker Faire Bay Area 2023 will be held along the waterfront at Mare Island, an historic former naval shipyard across from Vallejo. It will be held over two consecutive weekends (Friday through Sunday), October 13-15 and October 20-22.

“Be the statue”

This weekend I wrote two decoders for TI's HDQ protocol -- one in the Linux kernel for my pipad project, and one as an analyzer plug-in for Saleae Logic so I could debug the first one.

The kernel implementation is kinda janky, but the Logic plugin is pretty decent. It's actually a generic PWM serial decoder -- should handle any simple serial protocol where the value of the bit is encoded by the length of a pulse.

Screenshot of the Saleae Logic 2 program with my analyzer plugin enabled. Squiggly lines represent the logic level (high or low voltage), and text bubbles above each group of 8 bits show the decoded value.



I am really concerned that this #Meta verification scheme will be particularly attractive to seniors who use Facebook and are plagued with impersonators who attempt to scam their friends via messenger. They’re going to see $15 and say well, that’s less than lunch for two people at McDonald’s and they are going to give their money and their ID to address a problem that isn’t theirs to solve.

I feel like we aren't calling the 2038 problem the "epocholypse" often enough

We should all try harder to make this a thing

I am annoyed at how much coverage of these recurring "Big Gorilla lays off around 10.000 people" is basically just a rehash of the company press release, with not a single journalist asking how it's possible that all of these big tech companies made the same exact mistake of hiring too many people, while simultaneously showing record profits.

Like, if a 'rigorous review' finds 12.000 redundancies, why does nobody question leadership about how this was allowed to happen?

Not one critical note.

As a distributed systems researcher, I’d like to thank the House of Representatives for demonstrating that leader election protocols can’t be guaranteed to terminate.

An urban #coyote jumps a fence in a #sanfrancisco park. This behavior was part of a playful interaction between two coyotes, who chased each other in circles, jumping back and forth over this fence in the middle of their track.
#wildlife #urbanwildlife #sanfrancisco #photography #wildlifephotography

Here's a little follow-up to my Chronicle op-ed that focuses on #FreeTransit. It's for more of an urbanist audience, about why all #transit advocates should get behind transit becoming fare-free, at least in theory—and, when there's a proposal that's thoughtful, practical and coupled with increased/improved service, in practice too.