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I am annoyed at how much coverage of these recurring "Big Gorilla lays off around 10.000 people" is basically just a rehash of the company press release, with not a single journalist asking how it's possible that all of these big tech companies made the same exact mistake of hiring too many people, while simultaneously showing record profits.

Like, if a 'rigorous review' finds 12.000 redundancies, why does nobody question leadership about how this was allowed to happen?

Not one critical note.

As a distributed systems researcher, I’d like to thank the House of Representatives for demonstrating that leader election protocols can’t be guaranteed to terminate.

An urban #coyote jumps a fence in a #sanfrancisco park. This behavior was part of a playful interaction between two coyotes, who chased each other in circles, jumping back and forth over this fence in the middle of their track.
#wildlife #urbanwildlife #sanfrancisco #photography #wildlifephotography

Here's a little follow-up to my Chronicle op-ed that focuses on #FreeTransit. It's for more of an urbanist audience, about why all #transit advocates should get behind transit becoming fare-free, at least in theory—and, when there's a proposal that's thoughtful, practical and coupled with increased/improved service, in practice too.


Holiday PSA:

If it's got visible cranberries in it, it's cranberry sauce.

If it looks like a can (cylindrical with ridges around the circumference), it's *canberry* sauce.

Know the difference!

It's fascinating the number of Delete messages my ActivityPub server gets for random usernames on other Mastodon instances.

I guess when an account gets deleted, that Mastodon instance will broadcast that out to all federated servers, regardless of whether anyone on those servers follows the deleted account? I get these messages even from some servers where I don't follow anyone.

Hello again, fediverse! (Oops, lost my data due to a misconfigured container...)