Evan Krall
[email protected]
A software engineer pretending to be an electrical engineer in my free time. My coolest project is https://hackaday.io/project/177256-put-a-raspberry-pi-cm4-into-an-original-ipad

Holiday PSA:

If it's got visible cranberries in it, it's cranberry sauce.

If it looks like a can (cylindrical with ridges around the circumference), it's *canberry* sauce.

Know the difference!

It's fascinating the number of Delete messages my ActivityPub server gets for random usernames on other Mastodon instances.

I guess when an account gets deleted, that Mastodon instance will broadcast that out to all federated servers, regardless of whether anyone on those servers follows the deleted account? I get these messages even from some servers where I don't follow anyone.

Hello again, fediverse! (Oops, lost my data due to a misconfigured container...)